Thermostats – NGT Controls

Thermostats are a crucial safety element in many household products. We only offer bimetal thermostats designed by NGT Controls, a top manufacturer respected for its product quality and reliability.
Certified to worldwide standards,these thermostats are widely used in car seat heating, boilers and domestic appliances. Thermostats from NGT are trusted in brands as diverse as Daikin, Toyota, Bosch, Siemens, Miele and Panasonic.
We provide thermostats as either thermal cut-outs or snap disc thermostats – with automatic reset and manual reset options.
We also offer bespoke options and can provide a design to suit your individual applications.


silicone rubber heater mat

Silicone Rubber Heater Mats – Holroyd

We offer a range of flexible surface heaters that can be specially-customised and manufactured to your specific design requirements.
Mats can be made into a limitless range of sizes and shapes with cut-outs and fabricated holes. This makes them ideal for a wide range of applications where heat is applied to awkward shapes or difficult spaces and surfaces.Most heater mats are supplied with an adhesive backing and can operate up to a maximum temperature of 180°C (while non adhesive backed mats can also be supplied which can operate up to 200°C).
All heater mats can be fitted with thermocouples and thermal limiters as required.Our silicone heater mats are provided by Holroyd, a UK specialist in heating products and elements, to stringent specifications to ensure their quality and safety.
Typical applications for silicone heater mats are packaging, space warming, anti condensation heating and demisting, ovens, incubators, laboratory equipment, medical products and a range of catering and refrigeration uses such as hot food counters, vending equipment and drip tray heating.


Solid State Relays – Kudom

Solid State Relays (SSR) are known for their long-lasting reliability. As an electronic device with no moving parts to wear out or arching contacts to deteriorate, they offer a superior performance to electro-mechanical relays and contactors.
We supply a full range of SSRs, electronic controllers and sensors from Kudom Electronics, a specialist designer and manufacturer of solid state relays and thyristors since 1971.
Kudom rigorously test their SSRs both during and after assembly so you can have confidence that that their products will give a superior and lasting performance. The company also invests in research and development to ensure you get the best possible performance.
Our wide range of products are typically integrated into motor control panels, heater control, food equipment, instrumentation systems, medical equipment and production equipment.


Heat Detectors – Fenwal Controls

Fenwal Controls supply globally approved controls for gas ignition, temperature control and fire and overheat detection. With over 75 years of technical innovation, Fenwal have continually updated and improved the design of their thermal detectors to maximise safety and efficiency.
Hawco is the European master distributor for all Fenwal products and we serve OEMs across a diverse set of markets.
In particular, we recommend the Detect-a-Fire range for use in activating alarms and actuating extinguishing systems due to its intuitive design and impressive efficiency.
Products can be designed into a huge number of applications from cold rooms and refrigeration units to refrigerated vans and lorries.


NTC/PTC Thermistors and Temperature Sensors

Hawco offer a huge range of made-to-order temperature sensors and thermistors at a competitive price. These include thermocouples, RTD sensors and thermistors adapted to your bespoke requirements.
Our thermistors are supplied as either NTC (negative temperature coefficient) or PTC (positive temperature coefficient). In addition to a simple thermistor bead with tails, we can also provide a vast array of leads, insulation material, terminations, sheaths and fastenings.
Hawco’s application engineers are on-hand to discuss your project and help you find the right sensor at the right price.


Cartridge Heaters and Heating Components – Hotwatt

We offer a wide range of cylindrical stainless steel sheathed cartridge heaters from respected US manufacturer Hotwatt. These are designed for use up to 680°C and offer maximum heat transfer and watt density in restricted situations where localised heat is required.
We also stock straight rod heaters and other heating components suitable for many different applications.
For custom heater designs or shapes, we offer a full prototype to production service enabling customers to meet highly specific requirements.
Upon request these tubular rod heaters can be supplied formed to any shape, wattage and voltage including a full range of termination options.


Pressure Sensors and Controls – Validyne

Producing pressure sensors and transducers in the US for over 40 years, Validyne Engineering also offers a range of signal conditioning hardware and data acquisition systems. The company has a reputation for long-lasting, well-supported and highly-reliable products which are manufactured to the highest quality.
As an approved distributor, Hawco are proud to stock a variety of pressure controls and sensors to fit multiple applications across the OEM industrial sector. These include compact pressure transducers for flow or pressure drop measurements in high pressure hydraulic systems.